Graphic Novel Photography?

Sure, let’s try it!  It’s an effect I’ve been trying to perfect for sometime now.  I know I have a graphic tablet, but I always wondered if there was a way to get an illustrated effect without busting out a pen!  And viola!  These are the first 4 additions to what I’m sure is going to become a quickly populated category in the photography section of my website.





Good news! In case anyone else is delightfully baffled when they find lumps in their Cream of Wheat, I finally figured how to do this ON PURPOSE! When you add the cream of wheat to the boiling water (I prefer milk) you simply do NOT stir it right away! Cake!

Please remain seated.

As always, my site is still currently “under construction.” I have a few shirt designs and photos I need to post.  I’ve decided to integrate a blog onto my site to help keep it as updated as possible.  I also feel it makes my site a bit more personal.  In other news, I won myself a nice Pentax K-r DSLR!  I’m really looking forward to getting out there and taking pictures of everything.  Like this one of my 4 year old daughter, Emma Jean.

Emma Jean

I also have a new set of pictures I took with my new Pentax in the Photography section to your left. It’s of my lovely little town of Fowler, CA.